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website designing, development and search engine optimization related questions.We are a Web & Mobile App Designing, Development Company who give the best support to all who get these things done by us. There may be some things you don't understand about the Website Development process or Mobile Apps in general, so let us give you some info that may be useful for you or your organization:

The Process for building a website generally goes like this:

  1. We talk about the project, how many pages or what kind of App you need, any special functions, etc.
  2. We give you a price.
  3. You give me some examples of how you want the project to look.
  4. We start working on a general design.
  5. We work back and forth until we finalize the design.
  6. We build out all the pages or clicks based on the content you feed us.
  7. The site or App gets finished and need your friends or workers also like the same.
  8. We come back later, if needed, and do changes and updates (based on a separate maintenance plan).

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